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1. Please describe your business concept in one sentence:
2. Please detail any past retail experience (although none is required).
3. Please tell us why you want to start, own and run a retail business.
4. Please tell us how much time per week you can commit to your business.
5. What is your favorite retail store?  Why do you think it is well run?
6. What support groups (or people) do you have currently to guide you through the process
    of starting a retail business?  It's just fine to say none.






7. What do you think a retailer does with her/his time during the day?
8. Are you willing to accept training, advice and mentoring on an ongoing basis -- and why?
   (Please be specific as to why you think it is important or not.)  

       Yes      No

9. Please detail your previous business experience.
10. You will be in a retail incubator -- that means you will be working closely with other retailers until
you "graduate" into your own storefront at some point.  Please honestly tell us how closely you wish to
work with other retailers.
11. What do you know about downtown Newton?
12. Please tell us how you think the leadership of downtown Newton can improve the downtown.
    (Please include the types of other stores you think are needed in addition to your own.)
13. Are you willing to submit to a background check?
        Yes      No    
14. How long do you envision staying in the Springboard Shops?
15. Are you committed to staying in downtown Newton after your store is up and running and
      you are ready to open in your own storefront, or are you considering another location
      outside of downtown Newton?
16. Are you familiar with the concept of an "incubator"?
       Yes      No
17. Why do you want to make a long-term committment to downtown Newton -- even after
       you leave the Springboard Shops?
18.  a) Have you ever written a business plan?
       Yes      No
       b) Are you willing to write one for your proposed business in the Springboard Shops?
       Yes      No

(It's fine if you know very little or nothing about a particular topic.  It is important that you are
and let us know in which areas you feel well prepared and in which areas you will
need some training and support.)

   1 means you know very little or nothing and will need some training
   2 means you know just a little and will still need some training
   3 means you know a fair amount, but training would be helpful
   4 means you know quite a bit, but are not sure about how much trainining you need
   5 means you know a great deal and require no training
TOPICS:                                                                            Please check the relevant box:        1     2    3     4    5
  Purchasing Items Through Wholesalers
  Managing Inventory
  Understanding of Retail Seasons
  Customer Service
  Marketing and Advertising
  Doing Business in a Downtown
  Legal Aspects of Business Management (including business structure)
  How to Write a Business Plan
  Employee Management
  Cash Flow Management
  Landlord Relations
  Retail Hours
  Trade Groups for Your Type of Business
  Trade Publications for Your Type of Business


Please review this form thoroughly to ensure that you have answered every question before clicking on the "Submit Now" button.