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     A "soon-to-be" graduate!
These business owners have
recently purchased a building
on Spring Street. After renova-
tions, Sensible Addictions will
move to their new location
during 2013.

Art and More!

Fair Trade Items from around
the world.

      Coffee, Conversation,




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  Mother Moon
Moved to their expanded new store at 156 Spring Street after 2 years in SpringBoard Shoppes. Has also become an on-line retailer.

PB&J Stores
Moved to their new store at 219 Spring Street after expanding twice within SpringBoard over 2 years.

  The Perfect 10  
  Nail Boutique

Grew their business for a  year at SpringBoard, then expanded to 103 Spring Street.

  Inner Designs
Our first graduate moved to their larger 205 Spring Street location after a year at SpringBoard.

Now an internet and by appointment photographer.